About The Author


Dr. Eric L. Prentis is the author of “Everything You Know About Markets Is Wrong?” The Astute Investor, The Astute Speculator, and is an Assistant Professor at Wenzhou-Kean University's College of Business & Public Management. 

University Teaching Positions:


Wenzhou-Kean University: College of Business & Public Management, Wenzhou, China


University of St. Thomas: Cameron School of Business, Houston, Texas.


University of Southern California: Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, California.


University of Houston: C.T. Bauer College of Business, Houston, Texas.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications:

Early Evidence on US Stock Market Efficiency: “Market vs. State” Debate and Deregulation Implications. Economics and Finance Review, Vol. 2, No. 8, (2012), 23-34.

Evidence on a New Stock Trading Rule that Produces Higher Returns with Lower Risk. International Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 3, No. 1, (2011), 92-104.


Editor-Refereed Publications:

 “World-Market-State vs. Democracy: Why We Should Go Over the Fiscal Cliff.” (December 17, 2012) Economic Populist.

 “Everything You Know About Markets Is Wrong?” (June 11, 2012) Zero Hedge.


 Published Books:

The Astute Investor, 2nd ed., 2006, p. 404. (eBook, 2012).      

The Astute Speculator, 2007, p. 388. (eBook, 2012).


Keynote Speaker at Investment Conferences:


Houston Investors Association (three speaking engagements)

Houston Rebels Investment Club (three speaking engagements)

Houston Area League of PC Users—Investing/Trading SIG (three engagements)

American Association of Individual Investors (Dallas, TX)


Guest Expert on Radio Programs & Podcast:


Guest Expert on 23 Radio Programs—Discussing Economics and Finance:

(Selected programs—with their station call letters, name of the show and hosts are listed)


WRNE: Let’s Talk Money – Robert Hill

WSRN: The Stock Doctor – Bill Keevan

KPBS: The Gabriel Wisdom Show – Gabriel Wisdom

WCRN: Your Money – Bert Faberman

WNZK: Bright Side of Life – Tom Preston/Tom Boaks/Karen Grismiery

WGN: On The Money – Ralph Russell

WGVU: Louisiana Live – Don Grady

WBIX: Money Life – Chuck Jaffe

WEAA: The Morning Journey – Sandy Mallory


Podcast: “Why The Credit Crisis Is Ongoing—How Best to Get Us Out—and Why Politicians Refuse,with Michael Covel (bestselling author and world renowned stock trader). Released July 26, 2012.