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Credit Crisis Video by Jonathan Jarris
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Learn About High-Frequency Trading 
Charles Ferguson, producer of "Inside Job," gives a talk about "The Financial Crisis, Recession, and the American Poltical Economy: A Systemic Perspective." 
"Super Imperialism" by Michael Hudson. Learn why taxing the rich at a 90% marginal income tax rate increases productivity and total national wealth.
Listen to a funny song about stock market bubbles
Roger W. Garrison: Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle: Capital-Based Macroeconomics in Perspective
Learn the Difference Between Keynesian Economics and the Austrian School of Mises and Hayek
Click on the very funny The Daily Show with Jon Stewart video link below to understand why investors shouldn't trust television commentators when making trading decisions. 



Learn about central banking and the Federal Reserve Bank.

by The Money Masters, written by Bill Still and Patrick S. J. Carmack


Financial Ruling Class - Part 1

Financial Ruling Class - Part 2



Monday, June 29, 2009

"This [stock] market continues to be propped up by government intervention and manipulation." The Market Ticker.




The US residential real-estate market may bottom in 2011 and the commercial real-estate market in 2012, at the earliest.


The New Homeowner Hallucination: "We'll Rent For A Year And Then Sell When The Market Comes Back" by Henry Blodget



Why the Federal Reserve's bank bailouts should be investigated, by Dylan Ratigan and Eliot Spitzer.



The Daily Show video on High-Frequency Trading 


Janet Tavakoli video: The risk of deflationary collapse of the US economy is greater now than in 2007.


Learn how sub-prime mortgage lending, called collateralized debt obligations (CDO), by highly leveraged banks cause housing prices to plummet by 20 percent resulting in CDOs falling by 80% to100%. Consequently, CDOs are now worthless making many banks insolvent, and not unexpectedly, these banks now refuse to lend money.