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The Astute Investor is mandatory reading for all professionals in the business. If you don’t know all the topics in this book, we don’t think you are doing your clients a service.” - Tom Preston & Tom Books WNZK Radio, Detroit, MI.


Radio Program Bookings:

1) Your Money - WCRN with Greff Rennie and Tim Quin in Boston, MA.

2) KOMO with Brian Gregory in Seattle, WA.

3) On The Money - WGN with Ralph Russell in Chicago, IL.

4) Louisiana Live - Louisiana Network with Don Grady in Baton Rouge, LA.

5) Bright Side OF Life - WNZK with Tom Preston and Tom Books in Detroit, MI.

6) Let's Talk Money - WTSL with Chris Deming in Lebanon, NH.

7) WGVU with Shelly Irwin in Grand Rapids, MI.

8) KYW with Don Lancer in Philadelphia, PA.

9) WGSO with Charles Travis in Metairie, LA.

10) KFNN with Ken Morgan and Wayne Stutzer in Phoenix, AZ.

11) The Gabriel Wisdom Show - KPBS with Gabriel Wisdom in San Diego and Los Angeles, CA.

12) Let's Talk Money - WRNE with Robert Hill in Pensacola, FL.

13) The Stock Doctor - Wall Street Radio Network with Bill Keevan, syndicated nationally.

14) National Public Radio - The Morning Journey - WEAA with Sandy Mallory in Baltimore, MD.

15) MoneyLife - WBIX with Chuck Jaffe in Boston, MA.