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The Astute Investor, second edition

The Astute Investor: Moneymaking Stock Market Advice from the Masters, second edition.

by Eric L. Prentis

Hardcover * Pp. xii, 404 * 2006 * ISBN: 978-0-9759660-1-3 *


  • Thirty-seven investing experts’ advice, in one book.
  • Save time learning how to invest.
  • Retirement planning
  • Make money investing  




Introduction - Learn how to become an astute investor.


Chapter 1: Select different  difplanning horizons and diversified vs. concentrated portfolios. 

Chapter 2: Understand political-economic conditions.

Chapter 3: Calculate whether the stock market is undervalued or overvalued.

Chapter 4: Identify four stock market  stages and the stage the market is in now.

Chapter 5: Trading psychology - guard against vanity, greed, and the will to believe.

Chapter 6: Learn to calculate intrinsic value and margin-of-safety multiple.

Chapter 7: Interest rate monitoring and yield curves.

Chapter 8: Expected news, unexpected news and discounting the news.

Chapter 9: Contrarian investing and the importance of crowd psychology.

Chapter 10: Ten-step method for investment success.


Chapter 11: Retirement planning, asset allocation.

Chapter 12: Discounted Market Hypothesis.

Conclusion - Investing book firsts.


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