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The Astute Investor



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"The Astute Investor is an in-depth investment guide book...Organized by topic for quick and easy reference. An absolute must-read for serious investors... Highly Recommended.”             Midwest Book Review


“…should be required reading…The ten step method, which uses modern techniques and research tools on the Internet, levels the playing field and gives every investor a real heads-up opportunity to become a savvy, rational and intelligent investor."                                   Small Press Review



“Reveals the secrets of successful stock market investing, demystifying the process so that ordinary investors may be able to make money in the stock market and achieve a secure retirement.”                                                                          The Journal of Economic Literature


"The Astute Investor is enlightening and holistic…covering all of the fundamentals required to make intelligent decisions… allows every investor the opportunity to revisit and hone their understanding of the key dimensions of the financial markets …a truly repeatable “process” for approaching the markets…the book is an enjoyable read."                         Market Technicians Assoc. - Technically Speaking



“ to use the best investing Web sites to obtain up-to-date information and how to use the 10-step method for successful investing based on Internet information.”                                                                      Reprint courtesy of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram


The Astute Investor is distinctive, unique and superior to any other book on investing…you will form a systematic approach to evaluating the stock market and individual companies.”                                                  The Ashley News