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"Enthusiastically recommended. The Astute Speculator, an in-depth guide to the art and science of stock market speculation...(including) short selling, buying common stock, momentum speculating and solid speculative bylaws. Robust, down-to-earth guide ideal for would-be stock market investors of all   backgrounds and experience levels."                                         Midwest Book Review



"The authors second book will take the jitters, amplified by recent market fluctuations, out of stock speculation. The easily understood book incorporates eleven science based speculative elements, three arts and ten bylaws for correct stock market investing. Amazingly, the book explains why investors can take five or less small losses out of ten trades and still earn a fortune."                       The Mindquest Review Of Books



"Explores how to earn +33 percent per year speculating in the stock market, in both good times and bad, and how to retain the profits once earned. Discusses...short selling....momentum management...futures and options."                          The Journal of Economic Literature